Aerobie Sprint Flying Ring 10" 3 Pack - Set of Three (Asst Colors)

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This is the smaller 10" version of the world record holding Aerobie flying ring. Still one of the furthest flying objects ever thrown and in someways easier to control. Great fun at the park or at the beach. Good for people of all ages. Save when you buy these rings in bulk!

The Aerobie Sprint flying ring, a compact version of the world's farthest thrown object, flies twice as far a regular disc for awesome games of catch. Compact and lightweight, the Aerobie Sprint ring flies twice as far as conventional flying discs for awesome games of catch. Its smaller size is its only distinction from the otherwise identical Aerobie Pro flying ring, which was used in setting a Guinness World Record for the longest throw. Ideal for those who enjoy the incredible flying performance of Aerobie rings but have a smaller area for play, the Sprint ring is great for backyards, parks, playgrounds, beaches, and camping trips. The ring's soft rubber edge makes it comfortable to catch and fun for throwers of all skill levels. Size: 10 inch diameter. Available in orange, magenta, and yellow. Quality made in the U.S.A.

Features & details

  • Flies twice as far as conventional flying discs
  • Exciting games of catch
  • Rubber edges for soft catches
  • Diameter: 10 inches (perfect for backyard)
  • Aerodynamic design makes it easy to throw well
  • Sold as a set of three rings in assorted colors