Ultimate Frisbee

The sport of ultimate, known to many as ultimate frisbee, has steadily grown over time and now is played around the world and professionally across the United States. Few sports offer ultimate's action, athleticism and grace, or ultimate's unique concept of "Spirit of the Game"—a focus on sportsmanship and goodwill that permeates both games and the ultimate community.

A simple game of ultimate can be played with nothing more than a basic ultimate disc, however we offer many variations like custom ultimate frisbee designs (including Grateful Dead, Star Wars and Holiday themes) and many different plastic colors to liven things up. For the serious competitor, nothing beats the competition standard: a white 175 gram Discraft Ultra Star. Grab some accessories for ultimate for those night games or promoting the game while off the field.

Educators and youth love ultimate frisbee for the fun, camaraderie and fitness it offers. We support these efforts by offering bulk discounts on ultimate frisbee sets & packs, as well as educational materials to help teach the sport to kids and youth of all ages.

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