Two, four-yard diameter cirles should be drawn on the ground 30 yards center to cernter. The candidate must deliver their flights from within one circle and may choose either end of the court for any throwing or catching group.



The catcher is free to move anywhere within the 4-yard diameter circle but is prohibited from stepping outside of it while attemptiong to catch.
The candidate must complete the proficiency test within a 60-minute maximum time period. Only one such attempt may be made in any single day.


Within each of the following flight groups, the candidate must use three different methods of delivery. To complete each delivery style, the candidate must throw three consectutive good flghts. Straight flights may not cut the 4-yard lines, curves must cut the 9-yard lines at some point in flight.

A properly completed throw will be within the extended reach of the catcher standing in the catching circle. The catcher may not step out of the circle in the catching attempt. If the throw is within the catcher's reach, but is dropped, the throw is considered good.

The candidate may schedule the following flight groups in any order they wish.

GROUP 1: Straight Flights
GROUP 2: Hover Flights (must be over thrower's head at some point in the flight and arrive at the catcher in an essentially flat attitude appropriate for tipping)
GROUP 3: Roll-Curve Flights
GROUP 4: Skip-Curve Flights
GROUP 5: Skip Flights.

* Rollers must be rolling for at least one-half of the distance to the catcher. Curve, straght and catching criteria are identical to tother flights.

Special Flights

The following flights need be made with only one delivery style. Three consecutive good flights constitute completition.

GROUP 1 Multimple Skips
GROUP 2 Straight Roller*
GROUP 3 Curve Roller*
GROUP 4 Upside down


The candidate just obtain an average distance, in four consecutive flights. 2 up-wind and 2 down-wind, of not less than 75 yards. Women and seniors (45 yrs. or older) 60 yards.


The candidate must do both of the following self-caught flight options:

1. Maximum Time Aloft- Candidate must throw the disc into the air and then catch it cleanly in one hand before it strikes the ground.  TTime is measureed from the release to the first contact of catching attempt. Two consecutive eight-second flight required

-AND -

. Throw, Run and Catch - Candidate must throw the disc into the air and then catch it cleanly in one hand before it strikes the ground. Disctance is measured from the point of release to the point of first contact in catching attempt. Two consecutive 140-foot flights are required.

NOTE: Women and seniors (45 yrs or older) are required to throw two consecutive 7-second flights for MTA or two consecutive 75-foot flights for TRC


All of the following combination catches must be executed once:

1. Any combination using at least two consecutive kick tips followed by a trick catch.
2. Any tipping combination using four different body parts followed by a trick catch.
3. Kick up of a roller followed by a trick catch.
4. Any combination using at least five airbrushes folloewed by a trick catch other than a one-finger ctach.
5. Any combination using at least a five second nail delay on each hand followed by a trick catch other than 1-finger catch.
6. Any combination using a chest roll as a closing catch.