Chain of Events Book





Jim Palmeri, one of the Earliest Prime Movers of the Organized Sport of Disc Golf, tells how it all happened!

"Today there is a huge culture of Disc Golf with a professional organiazation and tournaments. How did this come to be? Where did Disc Golf come from? How did the sport get started? If these questions are of interest to you, this is the book for you!

A Chain of Events cuts through all of the apocryphal stories, half-truths, and just plain wrong information you'll find in the media, and perhaps worst of all, on the Internet. You'll read about the specific events that led to the origins and evolution of the sport of Disc Golf."

Flying Disc History like you've NEVER read it or seen it before!

• A definitive account of the recurring discoveries of Disc Golf-like play throughout human history!

• How & when did the first plastic flying discs come to be?

• Who were the movers & shakers that turned golf games with toys into a serious sport?

• Learn how Disc Golf became a major tournament event!

• 16 pages of brilliant color photos of early flying discs that inspired the game of Disc Golf!