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Here we cater to the player or collector who is looking for a very specific disc. Often, these are only indicated by a certain stamp or color variation, or a disc characteristic not found on other runs (like tooling, penned vs embossed, etc). Sound like you? Then you're in the right spot for pre-flight number (PFN) discs, out of production (OOP) disc golf discs, or just unusual, cool and unique discs. Sometimes a disc is listed here due to the color being hard to find or just being particularly awesome.

Most of these discs have been removed from their manufacturer's lineup and are no longer available in that particular variation. Due to their rarity they will be priced according to this higher value and limited supply. Many of these are still available in a stock run at the regular price. For historic, classic and vintage stuff from 5+ years ago check out our Rare and Vintage classic disc golf section.

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