Plastic Types and Descriptions

So. Many. Plastics.

Yep, we get it. It is mind blowing how much variety there is in the disc golf plastic market these days. We've broken it all down here so you don't have to run circles trying to find the right plastic!

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Premium Disc Golf Plastics

High Durability | Great grip and tack | Long disc life

Candy Disc Golf Plastics

Maximum Durability | Reliable flights | Variety of colors

Standard Disc Golf Plastics

Added durability | Good feel | More consistency | Grippy / Tacky texture

Basic Disc Golf Plastics

Grip | Value | Variety

Lightweight Discs

Beginning players or slow arm-speeds | Variety of plastics | Offered by Most brands

Glow Disc Golf Materials

Glows in the dark! | Basic and premium | Offered by most brands


Premium Disc Golf Plastics

DGA ProLine

DGA ProLine plastic is a high performance blend with great grip and durability. Similar toughness to the SP Line but with additional grip for variable conditions. ProLine is considered the middle-tier plastic so it makes a great choice for players of all skill levels.  [BACK TO TOP]

Discmania S-Line

(See Innova Star)  [BACK TO TOP]

Discraft ESP

Released in 2006, the highly durable ESP plastic is a very grippy yet still highly-durable high-end plastic. It is grippier than Discraft's Z plastic, but more durable than their Elite X plastic. Made from an advanced polymer only available from Discraft.  [BACK TO TOP]

Discraft ESP FLX

Discraft's FLX plastic comes in many blends, but the most popular and easy to find version is the ESP FLX. Made for players who want a disc matching the durability of the ESP line, but wanting more play in the hand, the FLX line can be bent edge to edge and still regain shape. It allows for this while still retaining its form and stability, unlike other plastics. FLX is great for wet weather and cold conditions too.  [BACK TO TOP]

Discraft Titanium ("Ti")

Titanium is Discraft's newest plastic blend, released in 2012, and an instant hit. Providing top style points while being super-durable and retaining good grip, Discraft continues to release their most popular molds in "Ti", including some Tournament fundraiser discs. Player's have said they find the same disc models to be slightly more stable in the Ti plastic.  [BACK TO TOP]

Dynamic Discs Fuzion

Fuzion combines the durability of Lucid with an advanced polymer to provide players with additional grip. It is a non-transparent blend of plastic that is slightly more durable than the Lucid version.  [BACK TO TOP]

Dynamic Discs Fuzion X-Blend

Fuzion X-Blend is a special blend to celebrate Ricky Wysocki's 2017 World Championship win. The base of the plastic is Fuzion, but we added 20% of a different plastic type which enhances the grip and gives it more elasticity/flex. It's not as soft and gummy as the Fluid or Lava plastics.  [BACK TO TOP]

Dynamic Discs BioFuzion

BioFuzion plastic is the by-product from a mixture of Lucid and Fuzion plastics that had blemishes or cosmetic flaws. Some of these discs may have specks of plastic, flakes, or other minor cosmetic flaws that will not affect the flight, performance, or durability of the disc.  [BACK TO TOP]

Innova Star

Innova Star is Innova's top-of-the-line offering and the choice of many pro players. Star is super-durable but also offers a good texture that isn't too slick. While firm in the hand, this plastic isn't so hard that it chips easily or gouges badly. Instead, it tends to absorb some of the damage and maintain its shape well. Star plastic also comes in a wide range of bright, bold colors making your disc easy to find in the shule!  [BACK TO TOP]

Innova GStar

Innova's GStar plastic is a player's dream come true, providing the additional grip and flexibility in a premium disc golf plastic that players have been asking for. GStar has great durability while adding more tackiness than regular Star plastic. Players who really like to dig their fingers in when gripping the disc will love this blend. GStar also has a shimmer-sparkle that gives it style points too! Some have said GStar discs fly similarly to a Star or Champion disc of the same model that has been "seasoned" or broken-in from many rounds of use—something that is highly-desirable for many players. Get your grip on! GStar is less-likely to get "tacoed" after collisions with solid obstacles, too, as it has great plastic memory.  [BACK TO TOP]

Innova Echo Star

Echo star is Innova's way of reusing the excess waste from producing their Star plastic discs in an effort to be more environmentally friendly. The Echo star has actually become a favorite of top pros, as it is known to add extra stability compared to the regular Star version as well as offering an improved grip. These feature a minimum content level of 50% pre-consumer waste.  [BACK TO TOP]

Latitude 64° Gold

Gold Line is Latitude's premium plastic offering. At its core it is the same plastic as the Opto line, with different polymers mixed in to produce its incredible grip and feel. This mix also provides a silky, pearlescent look that players love. Latitude Gold plastic has great durability and comes in a range of attractive colors.  [BACK TO TOP]

Millennium Sirius

Sirius plastic is the ultimate combination of superior grip and die-hard durability. The Sirius plastic is what you want if you desire the best of both worlds. This plastic will last, and it will feel good along the way.  [BACK TO TOP]

MVP and Axiom Neutron

Neutron plastic has bright, opaque colors made in a super-tough plastic material that can withstand even the toughest courses. The bright, sometimes neon colors make finding your disc a breeze.  [BACK TO TOP]

MVP and Axiom Plasma

Plasma began development in 2013. Throughout 2014 small numbers of metallic discs were released within regular production Neutron shipments. Prototype Plasma was seen in the “metallic” Neutron Envy, Crave, Switch, Tesla, Volt, and Icon mini. Plasma will never again be seen with a Neutron stamp.
Players have raved about the added glide of the mildly domed Plasma material, as well as its excellent grip, flex, and visual appeal. During the 2015 season we plan to bring several more key MVP models into the Plasma lineup.  [BACK TO TOP]

Prodigy 750 Series

The 750 Series is Prodigy's top of the line plastic. A very durable plastic with excellent flight characteristics, it also features a great tacky, grip that is good for all conditions. While Prodigy has released a description for this plastic it isn't on the market at this point and we have yet to try it out ourselves.  [BACK TO TOP]

This rubber-based compound will hold up like no other material to the stresses and obstacles found on the course.

Vibram X-Link comes in three flexibility options, all of which provide this incredible durability, but each offering a different feel in the hand and different properties when interacting with the course environment:

  • X-Link Firm - Stiff, firm feel
  • X-Link Medium - The original: Moderately firm, but with some extra grip and flex
  • X-Link Soft - Gummy and flexible. Easily bends end-to-end
  • X-Link Granite - Tie dye, multicolored look
  • X-Link Glow - Designed to glow brighter and longer than any other disc on the market. More supple than X-Link Medium  [BACK TO TOP]

Westside Tournament

Tournament plastic is Westside's top-of-the-line plastic, offering great grip in all conditions. Tournament also brings great durability and color options, and a great pearly look for added style points!  [BACK TO TOP]


Choice Disc Golf Plastics


SP is the highest-grade plastic DGA offers and is the most durable blend they make. SP includes sparkles in the blend for a classy, bright and visible appearance. As durable as it is, it takes some time to work in to its intended flight characteristics. Great, transparent colors make this a premium plastic offering.  [BACK TO TOP]

Discmania C-Line

(See Innova Champion)  [BACK TO TOP]

Discraft Elite Z

Elite Z is Discraft's most durable and highest-perfoming plastic type. Z plastic is probably the most popular blend Discraft offers among tournament level and competitive players due to its resistance to wear and change of flight characteristics, resulting in long disc life and reliable flights. Comes in a wide variety of vibrant colors.  [BACK TO TOP]

Dynamic Discs Lucid

The perfect combination of polymers produce some of the most beautiful and durable plastic in disc golf. This translucent blend can take a beating and maintain the original flight characteristics of the disc for many rounds of disc golf. The Lucid version of a disc will be slightly more overstable than the Fuzion version.  [BACK TO TOP]

Dynamic Discs Fluid

This plastic, in regular conditions, will have a flexible quality and superb grip. When the temperature dips, this blend will retain more flexibility than any other premium plastics we offer. This will translate to better grip and more control when your hands are cold and your grip is compromised. During spring and summer temperatures this disc is perfect for the throwers that like some flex in their disc. These discs will fly with the same consistency and predictability that you are used to from Dynamic Discs.  [BACK TO TOP]

Innova Champion

Innova Champion plastic has become one of Innova's most popular plastics due to its exceptional durability, affordable premium pricing and great color variations. Champion comes in nearly-clear colors (as in the "Jolly Launcher" versions) or partially opaque, but all provide exceptional rigidity and wear-resistance. Innova Champion plastic has enough give to allow a solid grip and good texture as well.  [BACK TO TOP]

Innova MF Metal Flake Champion

Innova's Metal Flake ("M.F.") discs have a great look and feel. Generally, these have a very solid feel in the hand, with a texture similar to Champion but a bit tackier. Great durability and with flight characteristics that are pretty close to their regular Champion counterparts. The main difference is how cool-looking these are!  [BACK TO TOP]

Innova "Blizzard Enhanced" Champion

In a nutshell, B.E. is Champion with some bubbles. This allows disc models to be made in weight ranges that weren't previously possible. According to Dave D. at Innova, "We haven’t been able to draw a consistent line between when Champion stops and Blizzard starts and vice versa. If we take the Dominator for instance, we can only make Dominators in very heavy weights without Blizzard, so we decided to make them all Blizzard, which was more practical. Bosses now go up to 169 in Blizzard, I believe, as well as Destroyers. Previously, we could make Destroyers and Bosses in high sixties occasionally, but not consistently. With Blizzard, we can make them consistently in Blizzard. There will still be the ‘tweeners that are Blizzard enhanced, but not completely Blizzard."  [BACK TO TOP]

Latitude 64° Opto

Opto plastic offers top-of-the-line durability that not only gives long life to your discs but also comes in a variety of colors. Some are more opaque and others more transparent, allowing for great customization or light penetration when using removable golf lights.  [BACK TO TOP]

Latitude 64° Opto Air

Latitude's Opto Air takes the properties of the original Opto Line, but producing the disc with a method that injects tiny air bubbles that help allow for light weights. Lighter weights help players with slower arm-speeds get more distance and use higher-speed models they wouldn't otherwise be suited for. Some "bubble plastic" discs also float on water!  [BACK TO TOP]

Latitude 64° Frost

Frost is a plastic blend that has been developed at the far north of the world to better work on those chilly fall rounds, and in warmer conditions for people that like a soft premium plastic. It offers a sticky, grippier feel when compared to our Opto Line, which is pretty grippy to begin with. Frost will take a severe beating over a long period of time in most conditions offered on the disc golf courses around the world.  [BACK TO TOP]

Latitude 64° Reprocessed

This is a mix of reprocessed material from Opto and Gold Line discs that have come up short during quality control. Those discs are reground and the material is used again to produce these discs. They may have minor cosmetic flaws such as specks or flakes but will perform as well as any other premium plastic disc. Reprocessed discs is in general are slightly less stable.  [BACK TO TOP]

Millennium Quantum Q

Quantum plastic is our most durable plastic providing a long life of reliable performance. It's also the most stable of all our plastics. Quantum plastic offers a smooth solid feel and an eye-catching translucent appearance. Some quantum plastics include 'Stardust' for a sparkly effect.  [BACK TO TOP]

MVP and Axiom Proton

Proton is a high-durability plastic that comes in a variety of transparent candy color options. Proton plastic comes in a variety of stiffnesses in the putter molds to allow for a variety of tastes and styles. Proton's high-durability is great for rough conditions and courses, and makes for extended disc-life.  [BACK TO TOP]

Prodigy 400 Series

Prodigy's 400 Series plastic is the type used for their debut release drivers and has been known since for its incredible tackiness and bold colors. The 400 Series plastic is also very durable while maintaining enough give to allow for a solid grip.  [BACK TO TOP]

Innova Blizzard Champion

Innova Blizzard Champion plastic is the same popular Innova Champion material but with tiny bubbles incorporated to reduce the weight of the disc. This allows disc models to be made in lighter weights that weren't possible previously. Also, the bubbles allow a fast, stable disc model to be made in light weights without sacrificing the disc's stability. The resulting light weights are beneficial to players with slower arm-speeds, as they can get added distance with less effort.  [BACK TO TOP]

Prodigy 400G Series

Prodigy has taken their revolutionary 400 Series plastic and has blended it with another advanced resin to create a highly durable blend which allows them to produce discs in lower weights. 400G brings all the best parts of the 400 Series plastic into weights suitable for the masses!  [BACK TO TOP]

Westside VIP

Westside VIP plastic is a high durability, transparent plastic option that provides a good value for a long-lasting disc.  [BACK TO TOP]


Standard Disc Golf Plastics

DGA Signature Line

Signature line plastic is well-known in the disc world and is one of the most flexible, rubbery-style plastics around. You can curl these discs end over end and they bounce right back to their original shape. Certainly a unique feel, these discs are great for certain shots but feel quite different than every other plastic on the market.  [BACK TO TOP]

Discmania P-Line

(See Innova Pro lines)  [BACK TO TOP]

Discraft Elite X

Elite X plastic has been a favorite of many players for years, and continues to be a preferred option for players looking for great grip and tackiness with improved durability. A great option for those used to Discraft's Pro D plastic but who are looking for a quaility upgrade at a great price.  [BACK TO TOP]

Discraft Jawbreaker

Discraft's Jawbreaker plastic bridges the divide between firm and tacky. A firm blend that allows for a consistent flight and minimal wobble while also giving that comfortable feeling of a plastic you can really lock onto. Discraft added some polymers to the blend to ensure good durability and long life so you can expect these to last quite awhile. As if all of this wasn't enough, the colors are amazing! All Jawbreaker discs are made with bright color combinations blended in to the base plastic, giving them a marbled look that is really flashy and fun.  [BACK TO TOP]

Gateway's Rubber Material Blends

Gateway's blends are different than those of many of their competitors, as they use partial or full rubber content in their discs. This gives them a unique feel unlike any other brand out there currently. Within the many options they provide (in order of firmness): Soft, Super Soft, Super "Stupid" Soft and RFF--"Really Freakin' Flexible". Players love the variety of feel these many options provide.

In addition to these, Gateway has released some unusual blends to complement their standard offerings:

  • The Organic, or "OG", material is a blend of recycled and sustainable ingredients into it's rubber blend. The recycled is a mix of their own re-grind as well as post-consumer recycled material. The renewable part is sourced from corn-based polymers. Great for those who like to "walk the walk" and really go as "green" as they can!
  • Then there is the Eraser line, which comes in the same popular models but has been mixed with pencil eraser--yes, pencil eraser!--rubber for the same durability but extra grip. The firmness varies between runs, and can vary from Soft to Stupid soft.  [BACK TO TOP]

Dynamic Discs Classic Blends

Dynamic's popular putters are loved for many reasons but one is surely that people love the plastic. There are four blends of material available:

  • Classic - Classic plastic is the perfect combination of tackiness and firmness for players looking for a stiff golf disc.
  • Classic Blend - Classic Blend is the perfect blend of grip and flexibility in the Classic plastic series. If Classic Soft is too soft and Classic is too hard, reach for the blend!
  • Classic Soft - When feel and grip are the most important elements, reach for Classic Soft. This blend of plastic gives the disc that perfect feel and fit in your hand.
  • Classic Super Soft - Until it is legal to put a magnet in a disc, Classic Super Soft will be the best solution for sticking to the chains. The amount of flexibility in this plastic is almost unbelievable. This ability to absorb impact makes this disc an incredibly smart choice for upshots on dangerous greens and staying in the chains no matter what. For those that like soft plastic, your disc has finally arrived.  [BACK TO TOP]

Innova Driver Pro

Innova Pro plastic is a great choice for players looking for good durability, tacky texture and grip-ability at a bargain price. Innova Pro also features a range of bright, bold colors that make finding your disc a breeze! Discs molded in Pro plastic tend to fly less-overstable than their counterparts and are very popular due to this "broken-in right out of the box" tendency.  [BACK TO TOP]

Innova Signature Pro Blends

Innova's Signature Pro plastic blends are a bit deceptive at first, since none of them closely-resemble the texture of Innova's "Pro" plastic. Instead, these all tend to have more similarity to the DX line while generally adding more grip, firmness and stability to their flights. Some examples of the Signature plastics Innova produces:

  • KC Pro (12x World Champion Ken Climo's pro models)
  • McPro (4x World Champion Paul McBeth's pro models)
  • JK Pro (5x Women's Wold Champion)
  • Yeti Pro (4x Disc Golf World Putting Champion pro model)

All pro model discs provide extra income to these players, allowing them to focus on their game and become the best they can be.  [BACK TO TOP]

Innova XT Pro

Innova XT Pro is a new blend from Innova that maintains that great Pro texture and tackiness while adding some of the stiffness players will recognize from certain blends of Innova DX Plastic. Only available in limited numbers of molds right now, many more options will be released in the coming months. XT for "Extra Traction" and "Extra Tough"!  [BACK TO TOP]

Latitude 64° Zero

Zero is the preferred plastic for putters by many players, as it offers a soft, grippy feel that many players enjoy. Zero grabs the chains effectively on a solid putt and stays close to where it lands on those all-important upshots. Available in hard, medium, soft and megasoft variations for maximum customization:

  • Zero Line is the grippy putter plastic used in our putters and approach discs. The plastic is chosen because of the good grip and feel. The feel you need in your short game. The Hard version is for players that might want to drive with Zero Line discs but some players also prefer to just putt with them.
  • Right in the middle of Zero Soft and Zero Hard you find this plastic. Zero Medium is the perfect compromise and can be used both for driving and putting. Grip is very good and still it sits comfortably in your hand even in colder weather.
  • The Zero Soft is intended for optimal short game. Period. When you step up on the green and want to give your disc the best chance to stick to the chains and safely sink into the basket you should go for the Zero Soft. For wet and really cold weather it can also serve as a comfortable choice of putter plastic.
  • And when Zero Soft is not enough, the Zero Megasoft is the answer. These discs are made for the the best grip and optimal conditions to stick in the chains. When Zero Megasoft hits the ground it stops with minimal skip.  [BACK TO TOP]

Latitude 64° Grip

Grip plastic is fittingly named, as it was developed to offer the best-possible grip. While some tacky plastics have dulled-down colors, the shine of Grip allows for the great disc colors to show through.  [BACK TO TOP]

Latitude 64° Eze

Eze was originally released to replace the Grip-line of plastic, but discontinued and is no longer available from the manufacturer.  [BACK TO TOP]

Millennium ET

ET plastic is a rendition of our Millennium Standard plastic that has an extra tacky feel that provides a confident grip in all weather conditions. ET plastic is durable and wears-in slowly, but what makes this plastic blend so special is that it feels like a well-seasoned disc right out of the box. Many players are drawing comparisons to the feel of old Omega AP runs, and this ET plastic adds a medium-firm, grippy Omega to our product line.  [BACK TO TOP]

Millennium Standard

Millennium is the original premium plastic and is often referred to as their “base” or “standard” plastic. It combines precision grip and durability. Millennium plastic offers the scuff resistance required to withstand wear and tear out on the course while being offered at an affordable price.  [BACK TO TOP]

Millennium Super Soft

Designed for touch, SuperSoft offers a soft, sticky and grippy feel that will not let go of the chains. It has durability that will last.

MVP Electron

Great grip and additional glide that breaks in slowly. Putter models also offer a soft flexibility of Electron.  [BACK TO TOP]

Prodigy 300 Series

Prodigy's 300 Series plastic is a great choice for those who like the Eze plastic from Latitude or the KC Pro from Innova. It has a firm feel and less tackiness than their other plastics to avoid "griplock" on those important touch shots. The 300 Series provides good durability yet allows for some breaking-in, which experienced players know can make a disc all the better.  [BACK TO TOP]

Prodigy 350Rx Series

Prodigy's 350RX Series plastic is designed for players with slower arm-speeds, be it someone just learing the game and developing their throws, or someone with declining power. A great tacky feel and a good bit of stiffness, combined with lighter weights, make these great all-around discs for most all players.  [BACK TO TOP]

Prodigy 350G Series

The 350G plastic is a new blend similar to the 300 Series plastic but featuring a unique, more-tacky feel with more stiffness. A great entry-level plastic and priced-right, but with that premium feel. Has great, slow break-in properties that players love.

Westside BT Blends

Westside has four variations of their BT plastic, allowing you to obtain the perfect grip and characteristics:

  • Hard - Great feel but maximum firmness for hard throws that don't wobble.
  • Medium - A great balance of firmness and softness.
  • Soft - A good option for upshots that sit and stay. Also great for people who love their grip to dig in on their putts or throws.
  • MegaSoft - Extra softness for those who love a super-tacky and slightly floppy disc. Still retains enough firmness to keep its shape and throw well.  [BACK TO TOP]


Basic Disc Golf Plastics

DGA D-Line

D-Line is DGA's base line of plastic. It has a great grip and feel and is economically priced, which allows players who appreciate a crisp, new disc to frequently replace those discs that take a beating.  [BACK TO TOP]


RDGA plastic from DGA is a variation on the D-Line that allows for light weights allowing that have great control and grip. These make great choices for beginners and those who throw with less power.  [BACK TO TOP]

Discmania Active Baseline

The Active baseline plastic is the perfect balance between keeping the disc firm as well as soft to the touch meaning the Active baseline plastic always feels comfortable and natural in the hand.  [BACK TO TOP]

Discmania D-Line

(See Innova DX)  [BACK TO TOP]

Discraft Pro D

Pro D plastic is known for its great value and excellent grip in the hand. Nearly every Discraft model is available in the Pro D line, and it provides a great option for those who like to replace their discs frequently and keep a nearly new version in the bag at all times, or the player who is just starting out and doesn't want to spend much to get started.  [BACK TO TOP]

Dynamic Discs Prime

Prime has an incredible feel and excellent grip even when the weather compromises your hold on your favorite disc. These are all secondary benefits to this incredible line of discs. Our guiding intention was to bring a product to market that was affordable for beginners looking to test the waters. We truly endeavor to grow the sport. Putting Prime discs in beginners' hands will be a great way to do that.  [BACK TO TOP]

Innova DX

Innova DX plastic is the original workhorse and bargain disc golf plastic. Innova DX provides that chalky-yet-grippy texture players have loved through the years and has a great stiffness throughout its life. DX plastic is bargain-priced, as it generally has a shorter lifespan compared to other disc polymers, which works great for those who like to replace their discs frequently. A great plastic for beginners who are just learning the game, since they can try lots of different models and not spend a fortune as they learn what works for them.  [BACK TO TOP]

Latitude 64 Retro

Retro Line is our most affordable plastic. It is also about nostalgia. The mid 80s was a great time. Disc Golf had just come all the way up to Latitude 64° and we played all through the night in the midnight sun. Translucent discs were far from being invented and all discs were understable by current standards. We remember those days with nostalgic feelings and wanted a plastic that would remind us of how it used to be. For a long time we have had requests that we should make discs that could be broken in more easily. Test after test led us to this plastic blend that we have named Retro.  [BACK TO TOP]

Millennium Delta-T "DT"

In precise time-keeping “Delta-T” is a measurement, and it’s also the name of Millennium’s new baseline plastic.  DT offers a super-firm feel, making it the most rigid of baseline plastics on the market.  Currently offered exclusively in our popular Omega molds, beginners and pros alike now have the ability to work-in a firm version of their favorite putter.  DT’s combination of grip, rigidity, and affordability is what makes it truly timeless.  DT was first introduced as a fundraiser disc, then as a stock disc in July 2016.  [BACK TO TOP]


Lightweight Discs

Innova Blizzard Champion

The same popular Innova Champion material but with tiny bubbles incorporated to reduce the weight of the disc. This allows disc models to be made in lighter weights that weren't possible previously. Also, the bubbles allow a fast, stable disc model to be made in light weights without sacrificing the disc's stability. The resulting light weights are beneficial to players with slower arm-speeds, as they can get added distance with less effort.  [BACK TO TOP]

Innova StarLite

Innova's new Blizzard technology incorporates thousands of microbubbles into their StarLite plastic.... This results in high speed, premium plastic drivers in weights all the way down to 130 grams! Blizzard-technology discs discs fly with almost the same stability as the equivalent model 20 grams heavier. Models under 140 grams are light enough to float in water! For fans of Innova's Star plastic who like throwing lighter weights, StarLite now makes this possible!  [BACK TO TOP]

Discraft Z-Lite

Discraft's version of bubble plastic. The same Elite Z plastic but with injected air for lighter discs.  [BACK TO TOP]

Discmania Blizzard C-Line

See Innova Blizzard  [BACK TO TOP]

Dynamic Discs Easy to Throw Models

Dynamic offers three models in a lightweight, beginner friendly range: the Breakout driver, Proof midrange and Gavel putter.  [BACK TO TOP]

Dynamic Lucid Air

Lucid Air uses the same material as our durable Lucid plastic. It has solid plastic at the top and bottom of the rim to protect the microbubbles in the plastic on impact. These microbubbles actually make the disc lighter. They are spread out through the top of the disc and middle of the rim to keep the weight distribution nearly identical to Lucid and Fuzion discs.  [BACK TO TOP]

MVP Fission

Fission™ Microbubble Technology produces an ultralight core with evenly distributed and imperceptible weight reduction microbubbles. The ultralight core allows an even higher GYRO™ overmold density relative to the core, yet still remaining in the lighter weight classes. This produces an entirely new type of lightweight disc never before seen in the sport, and beyond the capability of any other manufacturer. Weight distribution, stability, and durability of prior “bubble” discs are all improved upon by Fission. Skeptics of prior light or bubble plastics are in for a surprise, as Fission brings advanced disc physics and true high-tech molding into the lightweight plastics arena.  [BACK TO TOP]

Millennium Quantum Zero-G

Zero-G, short for Zero-Gravity, refers to the near weightlessness of these discs.  Starting with Quantum plastic, short bursts of air are injected during the molding process resulting in thousands of ultra tiny bubbles within the plastic and discs with weights as low as 130 and up to 164 grams. The amazing thing is that the discs maintain the original flight characteristics of the heavier models.  [BACK TO TOP]

Prodigy Air

Discs molded in the Air version of Prodigy's 400 Series plastic will offer the same excellent performance molds but in lighter weights that allow more players to throw these models. Lighter weights can result in greater distances with less effort!  [BACK TO TOP]

Westside VIP Air

VIP Air is similar to the VIP plastic in durability and color variation, but offers the benefits of other air-based plastics such as more distance, etc.  [BACK TO TOP]

Latitude 64 Opto Air

Uses the same material as our durable Opto Line plastic. It is modified and the runs are done in a different way to achieve a stunning result of lighter weight discs that still has a layer of solid plastic at the tip and bottom of the rim to protect the alternated material that is mostly centered in the middle of the rim but also spread out slightly over the top of the discs to keep the weight distribution as close as possible to the Opto and Gold Line discs.  [BACK TO TOP]


Glow Disc Golf Materials

Just about every company offers a glow option, and many have glow versions of a variety of their plastic types, allowing for players to select those which best fit their preference for texture and price range. These discs all require a bright light source to charge up the disc prior to throwing at night, with most keeping a low-level of glow for an hour or two after charging. The brightest glow will occur immediately after exposure to light, so many players carry a flashlight or similar charging tool during the round. See our wide selection of glow-in-the-dark golf discs[BACK TO TOP]

Dynamic Discs Moonshine

Moonshine has all of the benefits of Lucid with an added feature - it glows in the dark! Give your disc some light and keep golfing all night long. Expect Moonshine molds to be slightly more overstable than the Lucid version.  [BACK TO TOP]

Latitude 64 Moonshine

For some models in Opto and Frost plastic we have added a translucent material and those discs will glow in the dark. For playing disc golf during night time all you need is to pick up your flashlight, or any other strong light source, and charge up the glow properties of the plastic so that you can find your disc even on nights when the Moon doesn’t Shine[BACK TO TOP]

Millennium Lunar

These Lunar models are great for night golf and when fall/winter evenings come around shortening your disc golf days. Have League nights year-round. Lunar plastic was introduced in mid 2016.  [BACK TO TOP]

MVP / Axiom Eclipse Proton

Proton plastic with a rim of white glow material that is designed to withstand the roughest conditions. Just the outer rim glows. Also available in soft flexibility for putter models.  [BACK TO TOP]

Alternatives to glow discs

Some players are looking for a brighter glow during flight, in which case there are a couple of options: Nite Ize makes golf discs with LED electronic lighting built in, allowing for maximum brightness. Or, if you prefer to play with your favorite disc instead of just the shape Nite Ize offers, you can purchase a variety of lights that can be taped onto your favorite discs, making any disc in your bag perfect for night golf!  [BACK TO TOP]