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New Releases:


- August 2019 Update -

Before we jump into manufacturer-specific updates, here's a few things we've been working on here at The Wright Life.

Many of you are here because you know we have a huge selection of classic, rare and collector discs. Well... we've got a lot more of that going up as we speak! Keep an eye on this page for more from this new collection.

We've been pleasantly surprised by the great response we've had to our renewed focus on lighter weights for beginners, kids, and those with slower arm speeds. Check out all the lightweight and super light discs we keep on hand that are perfect for these players!

Now, on to the industry buzzzzzz....


Discmania hasn't slowed at all this season and continues to roll out cool new stuff. From the Discmania Originals line we have the third release of the Swirly FD3 "Doom Bird III". The stock version of the S-Line DD3 is now available as well. This is very similar to the insanely popular "Cloud Breaker"—a swirly version of the S-Line DD3. Also check out the second run of the Glow C-Line FD: "Night Strike II" that's been really popular.

Discmania Evolution just dropped the Forge Method "Shadow Titan", a sparkly and durable version of the Method mid-range with a great custom stamp and featuring Simon Lizotte's endorsement. Stay tuned for the August 14th release of the next disc in the Evolution line, a putter in two firmness options: Exo Hard Link or Exo Soft Link. A very limited number of Primal Run Exo Firm Links will also be available that day. Don't miss it! We expect these will sell out very quickly.


The hype surrounding Paul McBeth's new line has yet to subside. Discraft has released the third prototype model developed with Paul, this one being a stable control driver called the Anax (pronounced like "onyx"). Get a prototype version while they last—they're going fast! What was previously known as the Kong is now available in the first run version and has been renamed "Zeus". Lots of cool swirly options available for these, too. McBeth's Luna putter has finally landed in its stock version. Aside from all the McBeth-related activity, the ESP Challenger has hit the scene as well as new designs and offerings from Discraft's Star Wars Ultimate and Golf discs.

Dynamic Discs / Latitude / Westside

Bargain hunters will be elated to hear that Dynamic Discs now offers a base-level backpack bag called the Cadet that won't cost an arm and a leg. For those looking for more features than the Cadet Backpack Bag offers, check out the Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack Bag—also very affordably priced and value packed. If you need a bag PLUS some discs to get you started, the Cadet Backpack Starter Set is a great option.

Latitude has two notable recent releases you may have missed: the Opto Pioneer and the Opto Recoil.

Westside Discs has been a bit quiet as of late but the VIP Gatekeeper is a welcome addition to their lineup.

Hyzer Bomb /Millennium

Millennium has filled a big hole in their lineup with the Quantum Draco. Very similar to an Innova Firebird, it has a touch more glide and a bit less fade. That being said, Firebird lovers will feel a familiar comfort when gripping the Draco. The current run of Quantum is very pearly, nice and firm. Time has shown that the Millennium Falcon driver has been well-received and is now available in the first run version here.


More fun stuff from Innova to tell you about. The legendary Shark has reached its 30th year of existence and Innova is celebrating with a commemorative Luster Champion Shark with two-color XXL stamp. Very cool, be sure to add one to the collection. Also for the collection, grab the most recent Destroyer release: the Stargate Star Destroyer. And while you're at it, there's a new release in the Mini Stamp Series, the Star Roc3. The trend of lower-priced backpack bags continues with Innova's Adventure Backpack Bag, a step up from their basic Discover disc golf backpack. The speed 14 Corvette is now available in both Champion and GStar versions. Also, fill out your Innova lineup with an XT Aviar3, DX RocX3, XT Dart, DX AviarX3 or a Champion AviarX3—since now you can!

MVP, Axiom & Streamline

The molding machines at MVP must be smoking right now with all the new plastic they've been releasing. For fans of custom designs, the Fission Photon is out in a special edition release honoring legendary physicist Max Planck. Also new from MVP is the Neutron Entropy, an overstable approach putter.

Axiom's new Prism line continues to grow with a limited edition Prism Plasma Wrath and the new Pyro—a slightly overstable mid-range with low glide and a consistent finish. Both the stock Prism Pyro and the Special Edition Motor Design Prism Pyro are now available. More new swirly Cosmic-plastic models have come out too, including the Cosmic Neutron Flare and Cosmic Electron Envy.

The biggest news from the MVP family of brands is from Streamline, with all sorts of fun stuff hitting the market. Check out these two hot new models: the Stabilizer (available in Cosmic Neutron or regular Neutron versions) and the Lift (Special Edition Cosmic Neutron, Cosmic Neutron version as well as standard Neutron). Pilot fans will have to have try a Special Edition Neutron Pilot or the Cosmic Neutron Pilot.



- May 2019 Update -


These are exciting times at Discmania now that they've partnered with overseas manufacturing partners to expand their offerings into two new lines. Now, in addition to the classic Discmania lineup (now referred to as "Discmania Originals") you can bag new models from the Discmania Evolution line (a partnership with Latitude 64° out of Sweden) and the Discmania Active line (a partnership with Yikun out of China). Keep an eye out for the next release from Evolution, the Method. Soon to be available in the stock version and the rare and highly-limited "Primal Run" (i.e. first run). Their first Primal Run release, the Instinct, sold out in under ten minutes! While those are now gone, you can grab a stock run Instinct in the durable and grippy Neo plastic here.


Discraft's latest driver mold is called the Raptor, currently only available in Z-Line plastic. Co-developed by touring pro Paul Ulibarri, this one is an overstable control driver that will fight a headwind with the best of 'em. Also new from Discraft is the Z-Line Sol. Originally a 2018 Ace Race disc, the Sol is a mid-range that is perfect for beginning players or the seasoned pro looking for a versatile touch mid. The Kong and Luna have been all the rage the last couple months and the frenzy continues, at least for the time being. The Luna is still in first-run status but we expect it won't be long until those are gone and the regular stock version is available. The Kong is still shipping as a prototype, the most collectible run, but will soon be available in either first-run or the stock version. Now is a good time to pick up a few of each as we still have lots of options to choose from.

Hyzer Bomb /Millennium

Millennium is heating up again with the release of the new Sirius Falcon, currently in it's "test flight" (first run) phase. With a name like Millennium Falcon, you know it's fast! A balanced flight path makes this one great for most any type of drive. Also new from Millennium is the Sirius Scorpius featuring the signature of last year's World Champion Greg Barsby.

Two new releases from HyzerBomb: the Frontline Sabot and the Recon Marksman. The Sabot is HyzerBomb's first distance driver and it's seriously overstable, a great tool for power throwers looking for consistency. The Marksman, in contrast, is a stable control driver that will perform well for most any player and for a wide variety of shots.


As usual, there's lots going on with Innova. New to their mid-range lineup is the Lion, a fast and slightly overstable approach disc with crisp, bold colors thanks to Innova's new "InnFuse" color process. Grab a Star Lion with two-color XXL InnFuse graphics or one of the limited-run First Release (first run, proto-star) Star Lions. Also new from Innova is the Star Corvette, a speed 14 driver with glide for days and a straight flight path for maximum distance. Available in stunning two-color XXL Warship stamp or First Release version as well.

MVP, Axiom & Streamline

Axiom continues to innovate with their new Prism Proton Insanity which features a crystalline rim material that looks incredible. New from MVP is the Entropy, now available in Neutron plastic, as well as the Plasma Motion. Streamline has jumped into the swirly-disc game with the Cosmic Neutron Flare (the new Flare is also available in standard Neutron plastic).

Rovic Disc Golf Cart

Been looking into disc golf carts but not sure you're ready to leave your trusty disc golf bag at home? You can have the best of both worlds with the Rovic RV1D disc golf cart. Your discs stay in your bag, which is supported by a cart offering just about everything: add on a seat, an umbrella holder, a cooler bag, a cigar holder... oh yeah!


- February 2019 Update -


Discraft has hit the ground running in 2019 with a HUGE addition to their team: the one and only Paul McBeth. The four-time World Champion kicks off the year with his own Signature Series line and a new prototype putter called the Luna in an experimental material that blends rubber with Discraft's Jawbreaker plastic, giving it maximum durability and great feel. In the McBeth Signature Series, you'll find the Z Zone, Ti Undertaker, ESP Buzzz and Z Force. This first batch of McBeth Discraft discs are all limited in availability (collector's take note...) In addition to the big news around Paul switching to Discraft, they've also launched a line of Star Wars-themed discs in a variety of designs, foils and plastics. Check them out here.


Innova Champion Discs has some big news of their own for 2019, with Ricki Wysocki jumping ship and landing on their team. He'll be taking over the coveted signature spot on the popular Star Destroyer, with the new stock version featuring an XXL-sized, Les White graphic of a T-Rex incorporating Ricki's signature. In other Innova news, Greg Barsby—the 2018 World Champion—now has his name featured on the Innova Star Roadrunner. These are coming soon; once we get them in you'll find them here. Also, if you missed it, check out the new Bullfrog from Innova; a low-glide, low-profile straight-shooting putter that can tackle those tricky headwind putts. Now available in the tacky and grippy XT Pro plastic (first run proto version here).


Our friends at Discmania are making BIG MOVES for 2019—literally. They have recently relocated their company operations to our humble corner of the disc world: Northern Colorado. To commemorate the move they've dropped a sweet new graphic, the CA2CO: currently available on the D-Line P3X, among others. And just in time for the holiday, grab a Mini Heart Luster FD! Lovers of the MD3 will be glad to know it is now available in the S-Line MD3.

Westside Discs

Westside Discs has been rolling out new models along with long-time favorites in the colorful new "Burst" Tournament Plastic. We were able to bring you the Special Edition Tournament Burst Anvil and War Horse before most other retailers (due to our participation in the BuyBack program), however these are both available now in a stock version. Check out the Anvil in Tournament Burst or VIP, and the War Horse in VIP. Other models recently released from Westside in the Tournament Burst plastic: Sword, Bard and Shield.

MVP and Axiom

Ten years of MVP has brought us the 10th Anniversary MVP Neutron Ion; celebrate the occasion with this special and highly-limited release version of their first disc. These have been extremely popular so grab one while they last! Also relatively recent, we have the Special Edition Proton Atom featuring custom artwork by John Dorn. And since it's still GLOW season, don't forget about Axiom's Halloween release: the Axiom Glow Proton Envy.