Aerobie Flying Ring 2 Pack - Sprint 10" & Pro 13"

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For exhilarating games of catch, nothing compares with an Aerobie flying ring, used in setting a Guinness World Record for the farthest throw - it flew an amazing 1,333 feet / 406 meters. For truly exhilarating games of catch, the Aerobie ring has no equals. With the larger13" Pro version, you can actually play catch with a friend more than 100 yards away. The smaller 10" Sprint Ring is perfect for a game of catch in the backyard. On both versions, the soft rubber edge makes catching soft and easy. Even today, decades after the Aerobie ring's creation, onlookers are still amazed by this incredible flying ring. Ages 12 and up.


  • Flies twice as far as conventional flying discs
  • Rubber edges for soft catches
  • Aerodynamic design makes it easy to throw well
  • Includes one 13" Pro ring and one 10" Sprint ring
  • Sold as a set of two rings in assorted colors