Wham-O Fastback Frisbee 6 Pack – Value Set of Six Flying Discs (Asst Colors)

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Excellent value for some great Wham-O canine training discs. You'll find both value and durability in this 6 pack offering from Wham-O Inc.. The Flex and Super Flex offer great fastback flight and feel that canine owners have known for over 25 years. These discs are good for training Fido because of their soft and flexible feel. The Eurablend is a classically styled fastback Frisbee made with a high-durability material. It is puncture and crack resistant and flies great too, making it ideal for a heavy bite and cold weather situations.

Save when you buy this multi-pack with doubles of three world-class dog discs!


  • Included in this pack:
    • (2) Flex fastback Frisbees - 105 grams
    • (2) Super Flex fastback Frisbees - 105 grams
    • (2) Eurablend fastback Frisbees - 140 grams
  • Each disc approximately 9" in diameter
  • Made in the USA
  • Colors may vary