Premium Dog Disc 3 Pack - Three Top K9 Frisbees - Best Training Discs Sampler

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This is an assortment of three high end discs from three leading disc dog manufacturers. Now you and your canine can compare which is the best disc for your needs.

About this set

  • This set's emphasis is durability: The Jawz is one of the toughest discs and can withstand most any dog's rough play. The Bite is for the long throws and the windy days, as it has added stability and extra weight in addition to extra-durable Opto plastic. Rounding out the set is the Innova and Hero Disc USA. This candy plastic dog disc is durable, colorful and flies great. Assorted translucent colors all grab your favorite K9's attention. Puncture and bite resistant plastic means dependable long lasting flight.
  • Best choice for: Disc dog lovers who enjoy competition or just the occasional recreational play session who want a more durable disc.


    • Included disc models:
      • Hyperflite Jawz
      • Latitude 64 Bite
      • Innova Super Hero
    • Weight range: 145g Jawz, 187g Bite, 135g Super Hero Diameter: 22.6 cm
    • Plastic type: Candy and premium blend plastics
    • Size: 8.75" Jawz, 8.9" Bite, 9.25" Super Hero
    • Colors: Varies

Please note:

  • Disc and stamp colors may vary. Image is not an exact representation of the set
  • Price is for three discs