DC Premier Hybrid 2024 Snowboard Boots

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If you have been a diehard DC Mutiny fan then this is the boot you are looking for. The Premier Hybrid is next in line evolution in DC’s traditional lace boots. With all your favorite Mutiny features including the Response Liner II and Wrap Lock Hardware, the Premier Hybrid gets an added side Boa®. The benefit here is that you lose nothing with the traditional lace benefits, but you gain an internal harness lacing that you can adjust on the fly with the side Boa® wheel. So you can crank down the extra support or dial in the fit throughout the day as needed without taking off your boot. And if you are one of those traditional lace diehards who fear that a broken Boa® will ruin your day, then you don’t have to worry with the Premier Hybrid because you will still have a full lace boot no matter what happens with your Boa®