Wham-O Recycled Frisbees Three Pack - All 3 Reflyer Models

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You've always wanted a recycled frisbee, but with so many shapes which one will you like best? Save yourself the headache and try all three molds! These Frisbee brand flying discs span the range of popular shapes:

The largest of the three, the 175 gram "82E" Umax mold, is great for playing catch or a quick game of Ultimate Frisbee.

The Collegiate "100 Mold" is a bit lighter and smaller in diameter, making it easier to toss and catch. It's also a popular shape for Frisbee Freestylers!

The low-profile and lightweight Fastback is a very popular shape for tossing around with friends and is perfect for playing catch with the dog.

Try them all and save some bucks at the same time!


  • Includes: one 175 gram 82E mold, one 160 gram 100 mold and a 100 gram Fastback
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Each disc is unique, colors and appearance may differ from image