Foxtail LED (Lights Up) Throw & Catch

Cassidy Labs
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Finally, we can keep playing after the sun goes down!

Light up the night sky with the newest member of the Foxtail family! This Foxtail comes with 2 LED lights embedded in its specially formulated Light-Transmitting foam ball.  Two LED bulbs shoot a beam of light down the tail, and another beam of light directly into the ball, creating a beautiful shooting-star effect when thrown.

As always, just spin to throw and catch by the tail!

The Foxtail has always been perfect for outdoor, open-field play!  More specifically, the Foxtail is great for improving coordination, agility, and reflexes, while the point system serves as a great tool for driving self-improvement and healthy competition.  Of course, any catch game is best played with two or more people -- Yay, social interaction!


  • Ages 8+
  • Flies up to 30 yards!
  • Batteries included (replaceable)
  • Sold individually in assorted colors. Price is for one toy