Lone Star Nimitz

The Lone Star Nimitz disc golf disc is a versatile distance driver that offers a unique combination of turn and fade. It has a flight rating of 11 for speed, 5 for glide, -1 for turn, and 3 for fade. This disc is designed for players who want controlled distance with a reliable fade at the end of its flight. The Nimitz falls between the stability of the Curl and Warbird discs, making it an excellent choice for shaping roller lines, executing big anhyzer flex shots, or taking advantage of tailwind conditions. Explore our selection of Lone Star Nimitz discs to find the perfect addition to your disc golf arsenal.

Flight numbers

Speed 11, Glide 5, Turn -1, Fade 3

Disc type

Distance driver

Skill level

Intermediate, Advanced

Disc diameter

21.2 cm

Rim width

2.2 cm

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