Sky-Styler 1980 FPA New World Tour White w/ Metallic Gold and Black Matte - TR

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This Custom Sky-Styler from Discraft Products is from a special Gail McColl collection provided by Discraft to the Freestyle Flying Disc Players Association. Discraft offered us the opportunity to list and sell perhaps the largest collection of Sky-Stylers ever. These discs are in excellent condition and offer and beautiful piece of art or an awesome unique jam disc. Many of these discs are from the 80's and are the earliest custom prints and stock models that Discraft offered. Some of the plastic colors have not been available for years. So this is a nice chance to get some of these visually stunning discs out into routines and demonstrations for an enhanced presentation. This is also a chance to see and own some of the history of early freestyle and overall events.

This is an early styler (80's) "Thin Ring", also lacking tooling -  This is the first FPA Tour Disc. Made for the 1980 season.

The Discraft Sky-Styler is by far the most popular freestyle disc in the world. The Sky-Styler flies straight and stable, and has an extra deep rim for easy rim delays and smooth body rolls. Comes in a variety of great colors. Exact weights of the discs vary from time to time but this is the disc used by world champions for the past 40 plus years.

  • Weight: 160 grams
  • Diameter: 10.5 inches
  • Introduced in 1980
  • Choice of World Champion freestyle players
  • Also great for throw-and-catch

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