Tricks of the Trade 2 Footbag Freestyle DVD

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The World Footbag Association is proud to present “Tricks of the Trade 2″. This is the eagerly anticipated sequel to the best selling footbag video of all time, “Tricks of the Trade”. TT2 picks up where “Tricks of the Trade” leaves off. This 90 minute video features footbag legend Kenny Shults along with 14 of the best players in the world performing more than 125 advance level tricks. TT2 utilizes multiple cameras and tons of slow-mo and contains over 30 minutes of classic historical footage including many of the greatest routines from past World Championships in their entirety. Now also available on DVD. For every TT2 DVD purchased from the WFA a $5.00 donation will be made to support the Footbag Hall of Fame and future footbag events.


  • Release Date: 2002
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Genre: Instructional videos

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