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Fission Fireball – One of the best overstable hybrids on the market, the Fireball has a decent amount of forward push before it gets that overstable finish. This mold can handle any headwind and will hyzer every time you throw it. While not as stable as the Motion or the Flare, the Fireball still hyzers plenty and is perfect for those touchy forehand shots. The mold has a really good feel and is generally on the flatter end of the spectrum. The consistency in these discs is amazing and you will almost always get the exact disc you are looking for. This is the first time this awesome mold is being available in the Fission plastic! Make sure you pick up yours today!

Axiom says this about the mold: “The defining characteristic of the Fireball’s flight is its wind and power resistance. This coupled with a delayed and focused fade make the Fireball a unique addition to the GYRO® bag. It can function as a longer-pushing Motion, or a more overstable Tesla. High power throwers will get a fairly turn-free high speed stage that seems to hold a bit longer before fading, making the Fireball useful for long pan-outs, straight power shots, and sweeping hyzers. Average power throwers will get significant headwind resistance and see more easily workable lines than with the Motion.”

Features & details

  • Flight characteristics: 9 / 4 / 0 / 3.5 (speed / glide / turn / fade)
  • Best choice for: forehand, headwind shots, sweeping hyzers
  • Pick your disc—disc in option photo is disc that will be sent