Grab that hot new mid-range driver you've been hearing so much about. We stock mid-range discs from all the top brands, so if you need it we probably have it. Try selecting your preferences in the product filters to display just the midrange discs that fit your needs. Be sure to check each disc as some of these have color or weight variations that allow you to choose. Images shown don't always reflect the discs that are in stock currently.

Midrange drivers are one of the most versatile golf discs because you can throw them nearly as far as your driver, but in a pinch they can make a decent putter as well. They bridge that gap between the short and long ranges quite well—a real swiss army knife of the disc golf lineup. With just a little pop a stable mid-range disc will coast on a gliding, straight line right up to the basket and settle in gently. Players of just about any skill level can make these fly nicely, however be sure to pay attention to the "fade" numbers as one with too much fade might be difficult for newer players to throw effectively.

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