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We carry a wide selection of disc golf products from the top manufacturers like Innova Champion Discs, Discraft, Discmania and more. Find that perfect disc to fill a specific need in your bag by selecting a category, or shop by speed, glide, or plastic class using the product filters.

Cool and Unique

Once you've been into disc golf for awhile you might find yourself in the ranks of the disc golf collectors. We have special sections devoted to supplying this growing demographic: custom & limited edition golf discs, cool & unique discs, pre-flight number and out of production golf discs, and classic/vintage golf discs that are rare and hard to find.

New to disc golf?

A golf disc is different from other flying discs you've used before; they are generally heavier, smaller diameter and often have a more sleek profile to fly fast and far. They come in a wide range of different plastics of varying durability and texture, and in a wide range of colors. Each disc golf disc is designed to perform a certain task on the disc golf course: there are distance drivers, fairway drivers, midrange discs and putting & approach discs, with each of these specially-tailored for that particular purpose.

A golf disc needs extra speed and power to perform well. If you throw it like a classic "frisbee" you'll probably find it will cut to one side and drop quickly. Twisting your body backwards slightly as you reach back will give you some extra oomph on your thrown and should help attain a longer, straighter flight. Check around online for tutorials and videos—there are many free sources for pointers and tips on how to improve your throw.

Stock up

If you're in need of more than one disc to get into the game we have many options of disc golf starter sets to choose from, specially tailored to the needs of advanced disc golfers or beginning players and young disc golfers.

We also offer discounts and deals from time to time, allowing you to stock up on your favorites. Check out our Sale & Discount section from time to time to see the great prices we're offering at that time.


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