Innova Hero Disc 3 Pack

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Get three of our best selling K-9 discs at a great price.

About this set

  • This set's emphasis is durability: The SuperHero is the original 135 gram candy plastic disc featuring puncture and bite resistant plastic. The SuperStar Disc is made from the same durable, bite resistant plastic as the SuperHero. The SuperStar has a noticeably softer plastic and weighs approximately 5 grams less than the SuperHero. Designed for dog disc pros, the SuperSonic is a smaller, lighter version of the SuperStar. The SuperSonic weighs in at 112 grams making it one of the lightest, most durable dog discs on the market. The SuperSonic not only adds distance to your throws compared to traditional dog discs, but is extra durable and puncture resistant. Hero product guarantees more game time with your favorite companion.
  • Best choice for: Disc dog lovers who enjoy competition or just the occasional recreational play session who want a more durable disc.


    • Included disc models:
      • SuperHero
      • SuperStar
      • SuperSonic
    • Weight range: 135g Super Hero, 130g SuperStar, 112g SuperSonic
    • Plastic type: Champion and premium blend plastics
    • Size: 9.25" Super Hero, 9.25" SuperStar, 8.25" SuperSonic
    • Colors: Varies