FlashFlight Disc Golf For Night Time Play

     As we transition into Fall the times they are a changin. With shorter days we have to find alternative ways to make our fun last. Nite Ize has done just that by coming out with an incredible line of light-up disc golf discs. These discs fly great, are extremely bright and on top of that you can control the color! That means everyone in your group can be playing with a different color of light-up disc so you don't get confused as to which disc is yours. The Wright Life has all the variations. Driver, approach and putter styles are available as well as a complete set of all three discs. The 20 hour run time battery is easily replaceable. So you'll have tons of fun with these discs.

Years of development by the inventors at Nite Ize have gone into this product. It's very well thought out and appeals to the beginner and expert disc golfer. Try one out for yourself and you'll be impressed. You can find the new Nite Ize Flash Flight Golf Discs, with this link. You can also find other great products from Nite Ize here too. They are the experts in lighting up your world whether it's on your bike, your pack and your new disc golf discs. Their products are amazing.         



- Extremely Durable 

- Water Resistant and Floats in water

- Sure-Grip material for easy to throw gripping surface

- 20 Hour Run Time Battery

- Long Life Replaceable Batteries Included with every disc