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New Arrivals

Nothing but the freshest new plastic on the market! Bookmark this page to keep up with the newest and hottest golf disc releases.

New Releases:

Discraft has now released the Elite Z Punisher this disc is fast and slightly overstable with flight ratings of 12,5,0,3. This disc fits into the discraft lineup as a seasoned Z Force out of the box. The Punisher compares to an Innova destroyer and was meant to be its competitor. Also new from Discraft is the Tour Series Discs including the Nate Doss Buzz, Val Jenkins Thrasher, Michael Johansen Comet. These Discs have had some pearlescence added along with other visual enhancements. These discs are designed to support these touring pros with their touring efforts. Discraft has also added to their macro sized mini line with the release of the Comet, Crank, and JB Zone.

Westside Discs has released the Ahti in VIP and Tournament Plastic. The Ahti has flight numbers of 9,3,0,4 and it is designed to be similar to the Firebird from Innova. This means that the disc is going to be a consistent hyzer disc that is dependable in all wind conditions. The Ahti fits between the Latitude 64 XXX and the Dynamic Discs Felon in the Trilogy lineup.

MVP and Axiom have each released two new high speed drivers. In the MVP lineup they have the released the Neutron Relativity and the Neutron Dimension. The Relativity is the understable compliment to the Teleport in the 24.5 mm rim width speed class. The Relativity has flight numbers of 13,6,-4,2. The Dimension is the overstable compliment to the Teleport and it has flight numbers of 13,5,0,3. This disc is comparable to the Innova Boss. From the Axiom side they have released the Tenacity and the Panic. The Tenacity has flight numbers of 13,5,-3,1 and is designed to fly like a broken in Catalyst from MVP. This Is the most understable of the models offered in the 23 mm speed class. The Panic has flight numbers of 13,5,0,3 and is designed to fill the gap between the Octane and the Nitro from MVP.

          Discmania has just released the C-line CD3, this is the third disc in the third control driver that they have released. It comes in with 11,5,-1,2 flight numbers meaning it is a moderate rim width and a fairly neutral flight. In my testing of this disc it had a very lazy turn and fade. Meaning that it will not get off the line very quickly and create long sweeping anhyzer lines with ease. This disc fits between the beloved CD2 and DDx in the Discmania lineup.

Dynamic Discs has gotten themselves into the macro mini game with the Junior Judge available in Lucid, or Classic plastic. These are the smaller version of the very popular Judge mold from Dynamic Discs. Also new from Dynamic Discs is the Lucid Criminal, the Criminal is a faster more overstable version of the Felon from Dynamic. The Criminal has flight numbers of 10,3,1,4. The Criminal will perform best with a lot of power behind it because it is so overstable. We would recommend this for advanced or pro players looking for an overstable control driver that can handle wind and high arm speed. Dynamic Discs also released the Classic Blend Slammer, the Slammer is a very overstable putt and approach disc. This disc has flight numbers of 3,2,0,3. It feels similar to the Rhyno from Innova Champion Discs with the thumbtrack on the flight plate but is drawing comparisons to the Harp from Westside Discs for flight characteristics. This disc is meant for hyzer approaches to the green in order to keep you close to the pin even in high wind scenarios.

Latitude 64 has unveiled their new line of plastic called Opto-G this plastic is made in the overmold style that MVP disc sports made popular. Latitude 64 is releasing three discs in this plastic the Sarek, Gobi, Bryce. The Sarek is the putter in the overmold that has a fair bit of dome and has flight numbers of 2,4,0,1.5. This is a moderately overstable putter that can be used for many shots. The Gobi is the midrange of the group that feels similar to the DGA Squall. The gobi has flight numbers of 5,5,-1.5,1 making it a very straight to slightly understable midrange. The Bryce is an understable with flight numbers of 9,6,-1,2. In my testing I found the Bryce to be far more understable than the numbers would suggest and was best for long turnovers or rollers.

Innova Champion Discs has now released the Champion RocX3, This disc is the overstable counterpart to the Roc3 from Innova. Is has flight numbers of 5,4,0,3.5. If you are constantly looking for a disc that fits between your Roc3 and Gator in flight this is that disc. It has a very similar bottom to the Roc3 with a modified top that is more blunt allowing for more overstability and wind fighting ability.

DGA just released the Proline Quake, This disc is similar to the Buzz OS from Discraft and comes in with flight numbers of 5,3,0,3. This an overstable midrange that is still workable. This disc will not be as overstable as some of the midranges on the market like the Drone, Gator or Justice but is still reliably overstable while maintaining good glide.


Old molds in new plastic:

Discraft: Big Z Machete, Archer

Westside Discs: Origio Harp, Sling, Warship Megasoft Harp

Dynamic Discs: Lucid Slammer, Classic Soft Marshal, Lucid Air Breakout, Moonshine Justice

MVP/Streamline: Electron Volt, Trace of Spades

Innova: Champion Manta, DX Leopard3 



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