Discmania Evolution GEO Stack Pack - Set of 3

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This is a terrific starter package from Discmania featuring their new Evolution line. The most popular way to start out your disc golf quiver. Each of these discs are predictable and easy to throw. Three great Discmania discs in one slick looking gift pack, and at a great price!


  • Everything you need to play disc golf at a great price. Save with this bundle including: Driver, mid-range, and a putter
  • Perfect selection of discs carefully chosen to be suitable for all players. Colors will vary, and depending on availability comparable models may be substituted
  • Weight range: Assorted weights between 150 and 180 grams
  • Plastic type: Basic Plastic (Discmania Evolution GEO Line)

About this set

  • This set's emphasis: Complete set - A complete set of Discmania Evolution discs in all the different disc types, from putter through driver
  • Best choice for: Any and all disc golf players