Dakine DELUXE SNOWBOARD TUNE KIT Repair and Tuning Set - Sharpen Edges Wax Base

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Dakine Deluxe Tune Kit

Keep your snowboard fresh all season with the Dakine Deluxe Tune Tuning Kit. It comes with wax, a brush, scuff pad, and a scraper to keep your board lightning fast, P-tex to repair dings and dents in your base, and edge-tuning tools to keep your edges sharp and smooth. Plus it all comes in a convenient, low-profile zippered case so you can take it anywhere.

Edge tuning tool
10" [25 cm] file
Wire file cleaning brush
Metal scraper
10" [25 cm] wax scraper
Pocket stone
Ptex (2)
Octane Bar (All temperature wax)
Scuff pad
Tuning tips