Wham-O World Class 97g (70 Mold) Original Packaging

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This is the second year of the "G" series signature model discs. These discs followed the Super Pro in development. They were probably the most influential discs in development of the sports of flying disc. The first two released were the World Class 119g (the 40 mold) and the World Class 141g (the 50 mold). This season the 97g (70 Mold) was added to the "G" series mix. They truly revolutionized the quality and the control of flight of the Frisbee flying disc. The invention and development of disc games and sports accelerated from this point forward. This 2-signature disc includes the names of the 2 "Overall" champions that won the previous years' world title events. Monika Lou and Peter Bloeme are featured on this 1976 release of the "G" series discs.


• Wham-O Frisbee (82 E Mold) Arizona Frisbee Disc Association

• Weight: Approximately 179g

• Color:

• Condition: 9/10 Some Storage Wear, Excellent Condition