Nite Ize KNOTBONE Stretch Lacelock System

Nite Ize
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Our flat lightweight KnotBone Stretch Laces are made of durable, waterproof TPU material, and thread easily through any shoe eyelets or web tabs. Once in place, their grippy surface keeps them secure-so you can custom-lace your shoes to create, for instance, more room in the toe box and a comfortable fit over your instep-and the KnotBone laces will grip and stay that way. At the same time, their stretchy property allows each laced section to expand, contract, and move with you while keeping its shape, providing ultimate comfort throughout your workout, play, or just regular day. Trim them to your desired length, secure with the included lightweight, durable wrap-and-lock no-tie KnotBone Lace Locks, it's the perfect customized knot-free way to keep that perfect fit that won't shift or loosen. With a simple wrap-and-lock maneuver, the KnotBone LaceLock is a clever little device that eliminates the need to tie your shoes with bulky knots. Adjust your laces to the tension you want, lock them down, and they stay that way throughout your entire day. Easy to clean, durable, and available in an assortment of bright colors that fit nearly every style.


  • UV resistant, waterproof TPU laces
  • Cut-to-fit laces fit most any shoe
  • Laces allow footwear to dynamically adjust to your foot as it flexes and moves.
  • Durable glass-filled nylon LaceLocks tighten and secure laces
  • Includes: two 54" KnotBone Stretch Laces, two KnotBone LaceLocks, and two Lace Caps