Dynamic Discs Cadet Backpack Starter Set for Disc Golf

Dynamic Discs
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Excellent value meets excellent quality in the Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Starter Set with Cadet Backpack Disc Golf Bag. This beginner-friendly, maximum value set features the all-new Dynamic Discs Cadet Backpack. Boasting an ability to hold 17+ discs in the main compartment coupled with two additional zippered pockets for accessory and valuables storage, the Cadet Backpack is the perfect lightweight and compact solution to your most demanding disc golf needs.

This set also includes the Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Judge, Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Truth, and Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Escape. Also included in the Dynamic Discs Cadet Backpack Starter Set are a Dynamic Discs Judge mini, a 12"x12" Dynamic Discs disc golf towel, and a scorecard and pencil.

About this set

  • This set's emphasis: Complete set - A complete set of Dynamic Discs golf discs covering all the different disc types, from putter through driver.  Great for those who are just getting into disc golf!
  • Best choice for: All enthusiastic disc golfers who play frequently.


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