Innova Floating Disc Golf Gift Set - 3 Discs Pack (Floats on Water) + Mini Marker Disc, Sticker

Innova Disc Golf
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A unique gift set for the Innova Disc Golf fan in your life, this pack includes 3 Innova floater drivers to help you survive those water hazards. Rounding out the set is a mini marker disc and a sticker. We've discounted all products from regular retail price, making this set a great deal too! We are a retailer with nearly 40 years of disc golf experience, allowing us to carefully select a mix of discs that's great for any player. A perfect gift pack for the disc golfer in your life!

About this set

  • This set's emphasis: Floater set - A selection of Innova floating golf discs for play near water.
  • Best choice for: Any player looking for floating golf discs.


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