Innova Glow Champion Set - 3 Drivers Pack

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Introducing the 3 disc champion glow disc golf driver bundle pack! Includes the Shryke, Valkyrie and Leopard3 drivers—three of Innova's best! Great glow in the dark discs that will take your game to the next level.Why stop playing when the sun goes down? These discs will radiate bright green light after they're given a good charging. Innova's highly durable Champion plastic means you'll get the same consistent flight out of your disc for years--day or night!

About this set

  • This set's emphasis: Plastic and type - a set of Innova glow drivers. Durable, and great for night play too!
  • Best choice for: Players of all skill levels who are playing after-hours rounds.


  • Included disc models:
    • Innova Shryke or Innova Tern - understable long-range driver
    • Innova Valkyrie - understable distance driver
    • Innova Leopard3 - stable fairway driver
  • Weight range: 167-175g
  • Plastic type: Innova Champion glow
  • Colors: glow plastic (white-ish), stamp colors will vary