UFO Glow Tape Rings - For Disc Golf & Ultimate Frisbee - Stick On

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Disc golf after dark can be one of the most fun ways to play the game. However, we've all experienced the frustrations of it as well: that tree knocks off your glow tape or LED, your favorite discs don't glow, that sticky residue from your tape is just not coming off? UFO Glow is the latest and greatest solution to the frustrations of glow golf fanatics. With 4 "glow rings" and 5 "glow dots" per sheet, your go-to discs are ready for the red eye flight. They light up longer than any disc or tape, will not fall off after that treacherous tree hit, and leaves no sticky residue on your disc. Easy on-and-off application makes the decision to play that sun down round much quicker! UFO Glow makes it easy and fun to go throw glow. Alien invasion not included...hopefully.


  • Great gift idea!
  • Can be used for disc golf or ultimate

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  • Sold as one sheet