Hyperflite JAWZ Variety 3 Pack - Three Durable Dog Disc Frisbees Set

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This pack contains three different variations of Hyperflite's famous Jawz disc. Hyperflite's original Jawz disc is the toughest and best-flying puncture-resistant disc ever made. The Jawz disc stands up to gnashing canine teeth better than any other competition disc. All Jawz discs feature Hyperflite's patent pending X-Flash™ Anti-Glare Technology. Although the Jawz disc is remarkably tough in normal canine play, it is not intended to be used as a chew toy. Jawz discs do not float in water.

About this set

  • This set's emphasis: Variety/Sampler - A set of Hyperflite Jawz dog discs in a variety of popular plastic blends. Try them all!
  • Best choice for: Those looking for the best option for their disc dog.


Please note:

  • Sold as a set of three discs in assorted colors. Image doesn't show exact colors that will be sent
  • Please indicate in the order comments if color, weight or model substitutions are unacceptable for you and we'll try to accomodate your request

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