One Ball Jay 4WD SNOWAX Four Wheel Drive

One Ball Jay
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Four Wheel Drive by One Ball Jay Wax now comes in four different all terrain waxes depending on what temperature you'll be riding in. Hydrocarbon, no additives, pure and simple to use, the best value in the industry. New - Warm and cold wax re-formulations offer an even wider range and speed. With the option of buying Warm, Cool, Cold, and Ice you will have a wax for any time of the snowboard season. This is an all terrain wax that can be used for anything from back-country to park riding.

Warm = 32F to 26F (0C to -3C)

Cool = 28F to 21F (-2C to -6C)

Cold = 23F to 12F (-5C to -11C)

Ice = 12F & below (-11c & below)

150g in each package

Made in the USA