Dakine Super Tune Kit

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Snowboard tune-up kit. A perfect way to keep your board in shape all Winter long. This is the most complete home tuning kit available. Sharpen your edges, wax your board, do minor repairs on your base and keep your equipment in the best working order possible. Inevitably this will improve your day on the mountain and make your experience more enjoyable. The bag contains all the tools you need and the Iron is great for the shop hot wax. Iron does not fit in zippered case and is packaged separately.


  • 1 Dakine Tuning Iron
  • Edge tuning tool
  • 10" [ 25 cm ] file
  • Wire file cleaning brush
  • Metal scraper
  • 10" [ 25cm ] wax scraper
  • Pocket stone
  • P-tex (2)
  • Octane Bar ( All Temp Wax )
  • Scuff pad
  • Tuning instructions